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Sometimes, I miss the ten-year-old version of myself. The boy who would try his best to get in the middle of a pickup game of soccer played by German kids, even though they possessed superior skill. Sure, there was embarrassment, but that was a minor inconvenience when weighed against participation. Maybe the requirement for reaching […]

Good Enough

Am I good enough? Can I master this new task? What if I fail? There’s no escape from the wall of self-doubt. Unlike traditional walls, this wall can appear at anytime, because this particular wall is not built by bricks or stones. “What did you do with the money your mom gave you to buy […]

Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan

The late 80’s was an exciting time period for me.  I was learning what it was like to enter the “Adult Phase” of my life as I was sort of on my own while attending college.  Of course, at that time, I didn’t realize how sheltered I really was, though, because I wasn’t paying, rent, […]

Absorbing EDM

Today’s Electronic Dance Music (EDM); especially, the dubstep vein takes no prisoners. The sound all out assaults the listener’s ears by warbling, twisting, and cutting in and out of the mix. What to make of all of these sounds isn’t crystal clear, but one thing is clear. Boring does not describe one waveform of this […]

Receiving the Blues from Sonny Boy Williamson “Bye Bye Bird”

Youtube is not without faults, but it does provide some A+ opportunities to discover some magical performances from artists that have left the earth. Where else can one find Sonny Boy Williamson’s performance of “Bye Bye Bird” and have this performance queued and playing within a few minutes? One man with a harmonica delivers a […]