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Nice Guys Finish Last

Jim knew this day would come, but most of the time, foreknowledge won’t make things easier.  Every step to his office was made as if he carried two fifty pound weights on his shoulders.  It was his final day of work at the company he helped bring to its current lofty state. Actually, that was […]

Food, Clothing, and Shelter

Coffee shops are everywhere these days. Surprisingly, they’ve even infiltrated the southeast, where the hot weather isn’t exactly a catalyst for buying coffee. One particular shop owner had the foresight to not only capitalize on people’s growing thirst for coffee, but he also reaped the benefits of people’s desire for the old stand-by, alcohol. During […]

Lefty Explains the Game

The standard part of this whole process is to introduce myself, so here it goes.  My name is Bill Carson.  I don’t know my real parents, so I am not sure what they had in mind when they named me.  Judging by their naming choice, I would say they were fans of Clint Eastwood’s, “The […]