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Morning ritual

After conquering the toughest part of his morning run, the “skyscraper” hill, John lengthened his stride, felt the air move through his hair a little faster, and remembered why this morning ritual was vital to his survival. Pure concentration of putting one foot in front of the other. “It’s not personal. It’s just business,” his […]

Focus on what is not seen

“You need a little help,” said the man examining my eyes.  The news nipped me like a little pinprick.  Yeah, I knew something was going wrong when I could no longer read text like before.  I already have glasses that help me see things off at a distance.  Time is winning as it always does.  […]

Dream Chasing

The fastball hit the catcher’s mitt with a resounding pop, sounding like the cheap firecracker anyone could afford to buy for the standard homegrown 4th of July fireworks show. “Strike one,” yelled the umpire. The pitcher followed up the blazing fast ball strike with a perfectly thrown slider for strike two, completely fooling the batter […]


Sometimes, I miss the ten-year-old version of myself. The boy who would try his best to get in the middle of a pickup game of soccer played by German kids, even though they possessed superior skill. Sure, there was embarrassment, but that was a minor inconvenience when weighed against participation. Maybe the requirement for reaching […]

The Path

“The last time I drove, I thought I was in the road good, but I was actually in the ditch. I hit a mailbox. I told my doctor about it, and he said that I shouldn’t be driving no way.” My Grandfather relayed this story, the last time he ever drove a car, to me […]

What is Truth

What is truth? A quick search from google offers the following definition. The quality or state of being true. That which is true or accordance with fact or reality. A fact or belief that is accepted as true. Sure. Clear now? Considering that humans have an ability to make their own reality in a lot […]

Rescue Me

Right before the Apostle Peter would stand trial, the Angel of the Lord struck his side while he was in a prison cell, sleeping between the guards and said, “Quick, get up. Get dressed and put on your sandals. Wrap your cloak around you and follow me.” Peter was then able to navigate his way […]