My Definition

One of my favorite things to do these days while walking/jogging is to queue up a podcast or two on the ol’ iPhone. Ya know, let the frequency waves swirling in my ears keep my mind off the signals of pain the legs and lungs are sending. (I have to be honest here – it doesn’t really work. The pain is too great.) Anyway, while I was listening to Brian Koppelman’s podcast The Moment, featuring John Acuff, one question immediately demanded my attention, “How do you define yourself?”


Really, how do I define myself?

I don’t know, and I should know after all these years.

Apparently, John Acuff is one of those motivational speakers, and by all outward appearances, he is a successful one. Plus, he made the cut for Brian’s podcast, so he has to have something going for him as Brian just doesn’t invite anyone on his podcast. (Look at me, calling him Brian like I know him.)

Here’s something else about Mr. Acuff — he quit his dream job. While working for Dave Ramsey, he realized his definition of himself didn’t fit his job, so he went on to do something else. How utterly fearless some people are in this world.

Do you know how you would define yourself?

I know one thing – nothing about my definition says, “Leave your job because you got loads of talent to do something else.”

Sure, I wish that were true. I wish I could believe some of the thoughts my mind produced over the years. Like Loki, my mind is a prankster, though, capable of wildly overestimating abilities and time to perform those phantom abilities.

Since I brought all of this up on this blog post, I’ll try to define myself without going too far off the path.

First, I believe in God, and I believe His Son Jesus Christ died for our sins. That is my hope for the world. Therefore, I am a Christ follower, dedicated to building a relationship with Him. Am I great at this relationship building? Absolutely not, so you can add “failed man” to the list. So far, we’ve got: Christ follower and failed man.

Stepping out of the faith world, what’s left to define me?

See, this is where it gets tough, because I don’t have the “one thing” that people could point to and say, “Yeah, that’s him.” Most people can point to work as a defining trait; however, my job requires me to troubleshoot computer software and perform administrator duties – yep, pretty dull. I really don’t want to add, “account creator” to the list.

I engage in a lot of side projects. I am still trying to write and record 15 real songs to bundle together and call it an official release. Only the number of stars in the sky can compete with the sum total of ideas I’ve had that have never seen the light of day. Is this dreaming, or is it running from responsibilities?

I am a parent, so obviously, my children and wife hold center stage. They definitely keep me focused on becoming a better husband, father, and provider.

Hmmmm, this is turning into one of those shortcuts that end a person’s desire to ever travel again. Let’s forget about the list. I’ll go with this –

Flawed man who has had many more good days than bad.

P.S.  Here’s the link to Brian Koppelman’s podcast.


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