“You are going to fail,” says the inner voice, determined to stay at the forefront of conscious thought, leaving little or no room to hide.  Fear of failure gives way to certain, impending doom.  “Why bother?”  It’s just another day of living under the steady drumbeat of inner voice daggers.

“You can beat it,” people say.

“Change your mindset.”

Yeah, all the life coaches in the world, and their number seems to have multiplied, subscribe to the above ideas.  It sounds easy; especially, when the voice spinning the advice weaves particularly soothing tones.  Sure, but that advice is like telling someone stranded in the desert to find water.

How odd to realize that the one thing hindering progress is boiled down to a simple, raw emotion experienced by everyone, even if no one wants to admit it.  At some point, though, honesty needs to enter the picture regardless of perceived weakness, because there is no chance to overcome the fear brought on by the inner voice without first admitting the problem.  Like a stalker in a hack and slash horror movie who never dies, fear will relentlessly hunt its prey.

One day that voice will no longer speak and only glory will exist.  Salvation achieved. Until that day, though, the laces need tightening, because the race is still in progress.


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