Monthly Archives: April 2014

Nice Guys Finish Last

Jim knew this day would come, but most of the time, foreknowledge won’t make things easier.  Every step to his office was made as if he carried two fifty pound weights on his shoulders.  It was his final day of work at the company he helped bring to its current lofty state. Actually, that was […]

The Last Fifteen Minutes

After passing by a familiar BBQ joint last week, I was reminded of the last time I talked to one of my fellow construction workers, “Jack”, a person I shared many torturous hours in the midday sun, struggling to stay on the roof when every skin pigment screamed, “Get the heck off this roof, now!” […]

Facing Life’s Burdens

Like a pesky cold that finds a way to reattach itself to the body, the hollow feeling inside caused by subpar thoughts never seems to go away.  “You’re not good enough,” or, “You are a hypocrite,” continue to steal moments away from the present, increasing a person’s perceived life burden.  Unchecked, these burdens add up […]

The Ultimate Club Membership

We all have craved exclusive membership to some kind of “Gold Club”.  If humans did not enjoy some sort of elevated membership status, companies would not feel obliged to offer so many different types of membership packages, each containing a different set of perks.  Of course, the higher the cost, the higher the benefit.  Guess […]

Food, Clothing, and Shelter

Coffee shops are everywhere these days. Surprisingly, they’ve even infiltrated the southeast, where the hot weather isn’t exactly a catalyst for buying coffee. One particular shop owner had the foresight to not only capitalize on people’s growing thirst for coffee, but he also reaped the benefits of people’s desire for the old stand-by, alcohol. During […]

Faith is not Always Blind

Most of the time people categorize faith as belief in some type of unnatural event without any rational explanation. Maybe this example of faith, a blind faith, dominates the scene due to the dramatic claims or actions that are attached to its actors. However, faith is not limited to this category. There exists a type […]

The 40’s

Don’t you just hate those people who have an answer for everything? You know, the people who always respond with a similar story or a story that “one-ups” the previous one?   After a few retorts, you are left wondering how you got into this hour-long conversation. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that I morphed […]