Looking Back at NaNoWriMo

Well, National Novel Writing Month finished a few days ago, and I am still writing….  Yes, I fell short of the 50k word goal.

Was there any doubt that 50k words would prove too much for me to accomplish?  Nah, not really, but the fun is in the process, right?

Sometimes, I wonder about the validity of the process statement, though.  The process could lead down a path that could cause some serious pain.  For example, the process of getting in shape to run a marathon might kill me.  The process of changing a flat tire doesn’t sound fun, either.  On the other hand, the process of sipping on a cold drink while lounging around poolside sounds great.

The main thing I took away from National Novel Writing Month was something I always knew — writing a novel is hard work.  Seriously, hard work.   Maybe not roofing in the hot sun, but the work still had its challenges.  Sometimes, the words flowed easy, while at other times, the words flowed like the cutoff valve was applied.   Unfortunately, not enough words were typed in to create the full story, so the characters in the “novel” will just have to wait to find out how things unfold in their universe.

One more event I want to mention.  The last day of November was spent at one of the local Starbucks for the last mad dash to the finish line.  I enjoyed meeting a few of the other writers there.  (Yes, I get to count myself as one now, right? )  Of course, when they found out how many words I wrote, they kind of snickered.   Yeah, so, I’ll do better next year..maybe…  (Let’s not get crazy, here.  )


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