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The Silent Goodbye

The man turned to go, but the woman grabbed his wrist. She tilted her head to say something, but no words came out of her mouth. Unable to speak, she wrapped her arms around him. He returned her embrace like a man saying goodbye while trying to give as much comfort as possible. It was […]

The Boxer

The two young men circled each other in the ring. Reno was slightly taller but not heavier than the Champion. The tension between the two men laced the air as neither of them wanted to make the first move. The crowd hung on the edge of their seat, waiting for the inevitable flurry of punches […]

Originally posted on Grip the Seams:
There is nothing wrong with today’s luxury cars. They provide all the basic comforts the public has grown to enjoy; however, every once in awhile, the time calls for a trip back down memory lane to enjoy a classic luxury ride. The refined ride will bring back so many…

Hope in a Dying World

The world moves on and only a few people are missed by the world. Sure, most of us are missed by a small inner circle of friends and family, but only a few people are missed by the world at large. That is a difficult piece of information to accept as we all want our […]

Originally posted on Grip the Seams:
When Felix Hernandez took the mound on August 15, 2012, no one could foresee that the fans at Safeco Field would witness perfection first hand. King Felix, an apt nickname, threw a perfect game that day, and the Mariners needed that flawless performance as they barely squeaked by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1 – 0. Pitching…

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Normally, Showcase Tuesday points out the glamour teams that offer the full luxury car experience for their fans — the sharp body features, cozy interior, and powerful engine that offers smooth acceleration — all the things that make up a luxury ride. However, the opportunity to break from the…

NFL Teams Rolling in Luxury

After five games, the NFL Season has now reached a point where teams are beginning to reveal their true make and model. Which teams rank as true showcase luxury versus near luxury? Gather around the car lot NFL fans — it is now time to take the tour. True Showcase Luxury — BMW 7 series, […]