My Songs in Progress

Thought I would post my progress in another area I want to dabble in, which is music / songwriting / recording.  There are so many things to learn.  Hopefully, posting this first entry will help keep me honest and help me move forward with building more skills in the audio world.

After purchasing another audio interface (a pox on you, digidesign), I’ve recorded some partial songs.   The Hendrix inspired audio “Hx Riff” was recorded quite a while ago, and then redone with the new audio interface.  The funk guitar riff “A_Lil_Groove” was also recorded using the same rig.

The gory details.

Audio interface – Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Drums — Superior Drummer from toontrack

Recording software — Reaper from Cockos

Guitars — Fender Strat

Bass — (Cheap) Squire Fender Bass


The audio is found here.


A quick word about the software used to record and mix the final sound of these recordings.  The software is called Reaper, and here is the link.    The great thing about Reaper is the cost….It’s free!  The forums are helpful as well.

For those of us who can’t persuade a drummer to play drum parts, one of the best alternatives is toontrack’s EZ drummer line.  Superior Drummer is nice as well, but EZ drummer works well for people that just want to add drum parts and get to recording the song.   Toontrack

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