Five Things I’m Looking Forward to this NFL Season

The NFL Season is upon us, so now is the time to post five things I’m looking forward to this season before it is too late. Yes, I know lists are played out, but I couldn’t resist.

5) The NFL released the Game Rewind package that allows fans to view the coaches film. Yes, all of the fans can now act like coaches and review the games in different camera angles to further dissect a game that probably doesn’t really need anyone else to further dissect. Seriously, in addition to ESPN, the NFL Network, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, and any other fledgling website, someone felt the need to add in “Joe Average” fan? Well, we are a nation of excess, so why not? Did I get the most expensive package available? Of course, I did. Am I going to find a way to view more games than the wife would care to allow? Of course, I will. For those of you willing to brave the wrath of the significant other, here is the link.

4) How many more ways will Roger Goodell abuse his power and complete the transformation into a Sith Lord that could rival Darth Vader’s legacy? Too harsh? I think not. The guy rules the league with an iron fist that would make Vader proud. Just look at the number of suspensions handed out over his term. One was so severe, an independent panel stepped in to overturn the suspension. This guy found it necessary to take more money from players with no real evidence. The panel provided a sliver ray of sanity in a cloud of dark power. Need more proof? Cast your eyes on the ongoing “negotiation” with the referees. Embarrassing. Pay the referees Darth Goodell, er Roger Goodell, to avoid further problems involving replacement referees. Who knows, though? We might get to watch a live Sith Lord lose his empire, which will hold the same kind of morbid “train wreck fascination” for those of us that like the NFL.

3) The ongoing Jets circus will spawn more acts and entertainment this season than most teams could muster in years. Have a bad day? Step on the Jets’ merry go round and watch them implode due to the overwhelming centrifugal force. As much as I like Tim Tebow, this was one of the worst moves the Jets could make. Why bring in Tebow when Mark Sanchez is already on shaky ground. Can you imagine what Sanchez is thinking? “Gee, I am so bad, they might replace me with a quarterback that was praised after completing just ten passes.” Anyone care to take a guess at the number of times Sanchez will have to answer questions about Tebow? How many times will Tebow have to deflect his true desire to win the quarterback position? Everything pulsing through the media airs bigger in New York, so naturally everything and anything will go viral. The best part is nothing pushed the Jets to make this happen. This is all their own doing. Let’s get the popcorn ready.

2) Peyton Manning is back, but is he better than before? Can he deliver the goods this season when Denver’s schedule is quite a bit tougher than last year? One thing in Peyton’s favor is that the AFC West is still, well, the AFC West. The Chargers should win this division, but as long as Norv Turner is at the helm, one can count on the Chargers to underachieve in some way. I confess I am not a Peyton fan. I appreciate his talent, but I have never really cheered for him. Plus, now he plays for one of the teams I dislike intensely. ( Don’t worry Denver fans, I equally dislike the Chiefs and Raiders. ) I was all ready to peg my “root against” switch to Denver this season until I read this article.

Argh. Peyton, the throwing machine, is actually human? It is almost impossible to root against someone working hard to overcome adversity, and Peyton seems likable enough even if he did play his college ball at Tennessee.

Let me also acknowledge the silky smooth way John Elway jettisoned his popular but unwanted quarterback. No matter the outcome, John Elway is teflon. Peyton performs well…good… If Peyton doesn’t perform well, the built in logic that it was worth taking a chance to get Peyton will prevail. Well played, sir.

1) Will Russell Wilson establish himself as the franchise quarterback the Seahawks desire? Supposedly too short to play quarterback in the NFL, Wilson beat out heir apparent Matt Flynn this preseason, proving that the quarterback competition was indeed open. From all written accounts I’ve come across, Russell Wilson is extremely likable, and has that “It” factor that people go on and on about. For me, Russell Wilson is in the “Mix Tape” stage. Ya know, I like you enough to take time to put together some songs on a tape, so this relationship has potential if things break the right way. However, if things go wrong, I’m only out the tape. No hard feelings. Now, go out and destroy the Cardinals this Sunday.


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