Monthly Archives: September 2012

My Songs in Progress

Thought I would post my progress in another area I want to dabble in, which is music / songwriting / recording.  There are so many things to learn.  Hopefully, posting this first entry will help keep me honest and help me move forward with building more skills in the audio world. After purchasing another audio […]

Eye for an Eye

Something significant happened in week three that went unnoticed by most people. Obviously, the blown referee calls don’t qualify as they were noticed by everyone. Not only were the calls noticed, but they were digested, turned, flipped, and spewed out like a food-poisoned dish. Some say the hangover caused by the scorn will never get […]

Perception versus Reality

Before the destruction of the Berlin Wall, a teacher gave his class an assignment that revealed the tendency to form opinions based on perceptions without looking at actual facts. The teacher handed out a paper that contained quick facts about two countries’ spending habits. For example, country A spends 50% on defense. The goal was […]

Leftover thoughts from Week 2 of the NFL Season

Leftover thoughts from week 2 of the NFL 2012 Season   “Go West Young Man!” The NFC West has decided to remove the “Worst Division” label with an old school flair that would make Vince Lombardi proud. This division features three teams that will absolutely knock the socks off the opposition without worrying about their […]

Like a Child

Wisdom, the payout for years spent living life. Who really wants to accept that payment, though? People would rather keep youth and leave out the pain associated with growing old. No one likes pain. However, the Bible gives high marks to gaining wisdom. Just look at all the passages that reference wisdom. Listed below are […]

Absorbing EDM

Today’s Electronic Dance Music (EDM); especially, the dubstep vein takes no prisoners. The sound all out assaults the listener’s ears by warbling, twisting, and cutting in and out of the mix. What to make of all of these sounds isn’t crystal clear, but one thing is clear. Boring does not describe one waveform of this […]

Five Things I’m Looking Forward to this NFL Season

The NFL Season is upon us, so now is the time to post five things I’m looking forward to this season before it is too late. Yes, I know lists are played out, but I couldn’t resist. 5) The NFL released the Game Rewind package that allows fans to view the coaches film. Yes, all […]